Monday, June 15, 2009

Hug side of road - Motorcycle safety tip

When you ride a motorcycle, try your best to stick to dedicated motorcycle lanes which you do not have to share with speeding cars and trucks wherever available. That is the safest place for a motorcyclist to be in. When that is not possible and you have to be on the main roads and "rubbing shoulders" with huge cars and lorries, try your best to stick to the side of the road. A motorcycle engine is only one cylinder with only one spark plug.

A motorcycle is like a single engine airplane. Now if you on a motorbike is in the middle of the road amonst the cars and trucks any the spark plug gives up on you or if the engine died for any other reason, it is like the single engine airplane in the air when there is engine failure. For the motorcyclist whose engine died while in the middle of the highway, he will be in a very dangerous situation with speeding vehicles zooming past him with the motorcycle slowly losing speed and eventually coming to a halt. Then he has to try to push the bike to the safety of the side of the highway past speeding vehicles.

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BikerHiway said...

Make sure you check all the lights on your bike as well. Most people in vehicles are so used to watching for cars, they unintentionally ignore smaller objects - unless they are full of bright lights! High powered LED's and reflective biker gear can make you visible to even the most oblivious cager.